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Rybakivka is a resort town in an ecologically clean area on the cozy sandy beaches of a Black Sea bay.

Rybakivka offers a pleasant and comfortable holiday place with all the necessary tourist facilities. Nearly 100 hotels, restaurants and cafés, shops and clubs, cinemas and water rides on the beach are available to visitors.

From the beaches of Rybakivka, a beautiful view opens onto legendary Berezan Island, also known as Borisfen Island, Brawler Island and Lieutenant Schmidt Island. Every day during the summer, boat trips to the island are organized, where visitors can walk through the remnants of military fortifications, see where Lieutenant P.P. Schmidt was executed, and stand where ancient Greeks first settled the Northern Black Sea coast. 

Near Rybakivka is the Tuzla mud and salt pond.

Sea, forest, desert, mud and salt lakes combine to make a recreation area with a unique microclimate that is immeasurably good to overcome respiratory and cardiovascular problems.