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To enjoy the nature, savour unique views and test yourself in completing yet another challenging route. 


Incredible landscapes, wild rivers and coastline – a dream holiday for all!


Holidays with a taste of extreme. Hold your breath and feel the drive from the breathtaking beauty!


Discover Mykolaiv


Mykolayiv Oblast is located in southern Ukraine, in the basin of the Southern Buh River. Over 24,600 sq km in area, the southern border of this oblast is on the Black Sea shore. Vacationing in Mykolayiv means a chance to enjoy the sandy beaches of the Black Sea resorts, to explore quiet estuaries and the gorges Southern Buh, to bury yourself in the therapeutic mud of the Tylihul and Beikush estuaries, to hike through protected forest tracts, and visit unique historical monuments. Mykolayiv Oblast has 250 health centers, and 120 natural reserves and regional landscape parks.

Holidays in Mykolaiv - is

Sandy beaches

Black Sea coast sandy beaches are stretching for about 70 km with flat seabeds and significant reserves of therapeutic muds. 

Black Sea estuaries

A special attraction of Mykolaiv region are estuaries. Dnipro-Buzkyi and Berezanskii Estuaries resemble bays, and isolated Tylihul Estuary enters into dry land for about 80 km.

Granite rocks and canyons

Unique granite-basalt rocks and boulders - Aktovskyy and Arbuzinsky Canyon - attract tourists from all over Europe.

Protected forest tract

Picturesque and protected tracts with great diversity of animals, birds and plants are located here. Many of them are listed as endangered.

Nature reserves


Nature Reserve Fund of Mykolayiv region includes the biosphere reserves and natural reserves, regional landscape parks, protected woodlands, botanical gardens and dendrological parks, occupying an area of more than 5.5 thousand hectares. Due to its rich nature, Mykolaiv region is very picturesque and perfect for recreation.