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Ochakiv is a city with a long, rich history. Situated at the confluence of the Black Sea and the Dnipro-Buh estuary, Greek settlements first appeared near this site in the 6th century BC. The first fortress was built only in 1415, nearly two millennia later. In the 18th century, after a number of Russian-Turkish wars, Ochakiv finally became part of the Russian empire, growing into the biggest military and industrial center on the northern Black Sea coast. 

The Suvorov Museum of Military History offers much about the history of the city, while the Sudkovskiy Museum of Art contains superb seascapes by the master.

Ochakiv is a renowned health resort with good tourist and recreation facilities, including rich sources of mineral waters and therapeutic mud.

With hundreds of spa resorts, a warm sea and estuary waters, its healthy air, filled with fragrance of steppe grasses, its sandy beaches and its shallow bays welcome visitors year-round.

Just outside the city, the Attica Water Park, a full-scale entertainment center, welcomes adults and kids alike. Here, visitors can enjoy a cozy atmosphere along with Greek architecture and designs inspired by the myths of ancient Greece. 

Between Ochakiv and the Kinburn spit lies another amazing site, the man-made island called Pervomaisk is located. It’s actually Maiskiy Island of the Artillery Batteries, as it was once a military facility established to protect the waters of the estuary from an attack by sea.