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Yuzhnoukrainsk is a city of legends, fascinating stories, exciting events, celebrities, and unique sites.

The Granitno-Stepove Pobuzhzhia Regional Landscape Park is right next to Yuzhnoukrainsk, offering a unique recreational destination for visitors to the area. It boasts one of the best rafting routes for natural water slalom in Europe and is also the best place for rock climbing competitions in Mykolayiv Oblast, thanks to the steep chalk cliffs of the canyon located on the banks of the Southern Buh.

The beautiful scenery on the outskirts of Yuzhnoukrainsk attracts many hikers and offers wonderful opportunities to commune with nature. Various research, educational and study tours take place in the Reserve. The area includes a large number of unique natural sites containing many native plants and animals of the Black Sea and Pribuzhzhia region.

This is the place where everyone can discover the same landscapes that the Zaporizhzhian Kozaks once looked out upon when the Lower Zaporizhzhia Host ran the Buzkiy Hard palanka, the largest and richest of the eight territories and volosts of the Zaporizhzhian Sich, the charm that was Kozak history and day-to-day life.