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Kobleve is a health resort located in southeastern Mykolayiv Oblast on the border with Odesa Oblast. The settlement was named in honor of Foma or Thomas Koble, a Major-General in the Russian Imperial Army, a military commander, governor of Odesa, and the leader of the nobility in Odesa and Kherson Gubernias.

Today, its well-developed accommodation, restaurant, entertainment and leisure facilities—more than 500 altogether—, offers excellent recreation options for children, families and active young people. There are two water parks, one of which is the largest in southwestern Ukraine and the Nemo Dolphinarium.

Kobleve is a MICE member, appealing to the national and international tourist markets and as a venue for seminars, conferences, exhibitions, and festivals, thanks to good hotels and B&Bs and a good stock of tourism professionals. 

The Tylihulskiy Regional Landscape Park, a large nature reserve, is located near Kobleve on the right bank of Tylihul Estuary, one of the purest basins on the northern Black Sea coast.